The USAF Clan rules


When you play Halo Combat Evolved on the USAF_ret server, we try to make sure your gaming experience and ours is an enjoyable one. However because of past experience, we realize this is not always possible without Rules. No matter how nice you are to some players, they tend to do things that make this totally impossible. So we have no choice but to set certain rules to insure we have a controlled environment where our children are protected and have a safe place they can play on the internet. 

WARNING: If you break any ONE of the following server rules, you will be warned TWO times by text communication. If you do not comply to the warnings, you will be BANNED from the USAF_ret server.


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      Some of the regular USAF_ret players and registered clan members have children who sometimes play Halo. Some of us are also Christians or have other religious beliefs and do not wish to hear such language. This rule also applies to current USAF Clan Members using Teamspeak.
      Different servers are setup in different ways. The USAF_ret server's settings for Friendly Fire directly affects the heath of a team player & the team's score. We have our Friendly Fire settings set for Shields Only. We realize you will sometimes need to get the attention of a fellow teammate and you will not always be in a situation where you can stop and type text. You are allow to shoot a teammate with a small weapon ONE time to get his attention as long as he is not being fired upon by the enemy at the time.
      EXAMPLE: A teammate who does not see you is driving off in a hog and you need to get a ride or choose to give him protection by manning the hog's firing weapons on the back.
      The larger the weapon you fire at the teammate, the more damage you will do to his shields. If his shields drop low enough, ONE shot from the enemy could kill him.
      Before you do something annoying to another player , ask yourself if you would want him to do the same thing to you. Usually the answer would be no. Just keep this in mind. Don't be a jerk and you will be alright.
      A Bot in the gaming world is a program created by a software developer aimed at and written for a specific game that allows a player to cheat. The most common bot used in the Halo game series is Aimbot. The player will load the Halo game and then return to his desktop to load Aimbot. In game play whenever the player presses and holds down the Shift key, the Aimbot program wil align his weapon directly at the closest players head, giving him a head shot every time. If he cannot see an enemy to shoot at, he will be able to find their location no matter how well hidden they are. It will even find their location behind a solid wall or behind a hill.
      We have placed special transport locations in our maps where we cannot be seen from anywhere in the map and have software that helps us to determine if you are botting.
      The only reason you should switch sides is when the team you are playing on has 2 or more players than the team you are playing against. DO NOT switch teams just to be on the winning side. If the other team has a player that is just standing there and does not seem to be playing, you need to let a USAF_ret Clan Member know and we will kick him so he can come back later.
      Everyone has to be away from their keyboard momentarily to take a bathroom break, let their indoor pets out, or maybe to get something to drink. You may also have to hide to try to find out why you are having a high ping rate. DO NOT hide to keep from getting killed or because your team is taking a beating. We expect you to be a team player and do your share when playing on the server. The USAF Clan Members are registered with game tracking web sites that keep track of game  play scores. The web sites keep track of each USAF Clan Member and also keep track of the USAF total clan score to rank our clan team against other clan teams. When you hide and stay hid for a long period of time, you cause your teammates tracking scores to drop. If you do this to fellow clan members, you not only hurt their tracking scores, but you also hurt the ranking position of the USAF Clan on these web sites. If you see you have to be away from your keyboard for more than 5 or 6 minutes please exit the game play.
      Teabagging is when someone crouches up and down repeatedly and rapidly over a players head after they have just made the kill. This action simulates the teabagging sexual act. Teabagging has become a problem in most high end graphic games like Halo. This is very humiliating and disrespectful to the player that this is being done to and will not be tolerated on the USAF_ret server.

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