Maps on the USAF_ret Server


Some of the Halo Combat Evolved maps on the USAF_ret Clan Server have been modded, but not all of them. Listed below are the maps that have been modded and a detailed description of the mods for each map.

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      Teleports - Each base has a Teleport located inside in the upper level in the corner to the right of the rear ladder that takes you to the Invisible Icons located on each side of the map. One located on top of the small rock in the creek next to the largest rock takes you to the Upper Area of the map where the creek feeds into the map. One located where the creek goes underground takes you to the Upper Area of the map on that side. Each base has another one located on top of the base in the middle of the left wall takes you back to the Lower Area of the map.
      Vehicles - Banchees and Tanks have been added. The Tanks shoot sniper bullets. Tanks are also on the upper level of the map. Chain Hogs also shoot snipper bullets. Ghosts shoot normal rounds except they are more powerful.
       Weapons - Flame Throwers shoot a super flame that reaches more than half way across the map. Needle Guns have twice the power effect. Rocket Launcher rockets reach their destination 3 times faster. The Pistol, Flame Thrower, and Needle Guns never run out of ammo.
      Teleports - Looking at the Main Base from the position of the flag on either the Red or Blue base, proceed up the path that leads to the Teleport on the left side. After going through the teleport, make a u-turn to the left. You should now be facing the cliff wall on top of the bridge just to the right of the door frame of the Teleport. Walking through the wall will teleport you to the Upper Area of the map between the bridge and the base you started from. The Teleport located to the right of the Needle Guns on the back side of the Blue Base will teleport you to the Upper Area beside the tank above the Blue Flag.
       Vehicles - The speed of the Tanks have been modded to the same speed as the Banshees.
      Weapons - Extra Sniper Rifles are located on top of each base.
       Shields - Shields are only used on Blood Gulch maps that have Vehicles.

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