Halo GUI PC runs with TeamSpeak 2 or 3


   The Halo Combat Evolved is referred to as Halo PC because it was the original Halo for the personal computer. The Halo GUI PC program is a Graphical User Interface program that allows you to enter rcon commands and text entries by clicking on push buttons if you run Halo in windows mode or by using hot keys if running in full screen mode. This is the latest version 1 - build 29( and will install in the directory where Halo Combat Evolved is installed on your computer. Halo GUI PC will only install on your hard drive if Halo Combat Evolved is already installed. Halo GUI PC will only work with the Halo Combat Evolved version. You can also dowload TeamSpeak version 2 or 3 and run them inside of the Halo GUI PC program. Direct IP has been added allowing the user to go directly into game play on a Dedicated Server.

Download Halo GUI PC

Halo GUI CE runs with TeamSpeak 2 or 3


     The Halo Custom Edition is a spinoff version of Halo PC and is refered to as Halo CE. This version fixed some problems and is a multiplayer verson only. You can also download programs from to create custom maps to run on Halo CE. The Halo GUI CE program is the exact same program and version ( used with Halo Combat Evolved but will only work with Halo Custom Edition. The Halo GUI CE program will be installed in the default "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition" directory. It also has only been tested in Windows XP.

Download Halo GUI CE

Halo GUI Server PC


    The Halo GUI Server is a program created to interface with the Halo Dedicated Server and the init.txt file.  It makes entering and saving the Halo Dedicated Server commands very simple. It uses a GUI(Graphical User Interface) that makes use of push buttons to enter all of the server sv_ commands. The Halo GUI Server program will be installed in the default "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Server" directory. The current version is version 1 - build 6(

Download Halo GUI Server PC

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